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Rev. Amy Coles

Western North Carolina Episcopal Nominee
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Rev. Amy Coles is the Western North Carolina Conference nominee for episcopal election at the 2022 SEJ Jurisdictional Conference. She was elected 2nd in the delegation at 2019 WNCC Annual Conference and serves as the group’s secretary/treasurer.


Amy is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro with a Child Development and Family Relations major and a 1992 graduate of Duke Divinity School, where she served as the Student Representative Assembly President during the 1991-1992 school year.


A lifelong United Methodist, Amy was ordained as a deacon in 1991 and as an elder in 1994. She served in a variety of local churches before becoming a district superintendent in 2009, a small rural church, a new church start, and a medium-size rural church. Guided by the Wesleyan understanding of holiness of heart and life, she understands her call as a pastor to include preaching, teaching, and modelling the interrelationship of discipleship and mission as a faithful response to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

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The Impact of Rev. Coles' Ministry and Leadership

Shanta Bryan
Ministry Assistant to Rev. Amy Coles

Rev. Rob Hutchinson
WNCC Director of Church Development

Rev. Dr. Mark King
WNCC Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services

Rev. David Christy
Catawba Valley District Superintendent, WNCC

Rev. Sally Queen
Pastor, Myers Memorial United Methodist Church

DeEtta Rivens
Executive Administrative Assistant to Bishop Carter

Rev. Dr. Bill White, Jr., WNCC Director of Equity & Justice Ministries 

"Rev. Amy Coles has faithfully demonstrated her love and commitment to God, the Church, and the people she serves. I have personally witnessed her courageous and dedicated leadership and support for equity and justice matters, as they pertain to women and clergy and congregations of color. I believe Rev. Coles will continue to be a blessing as a Bishop in The United Methodist Church."

Ministry & Leadership Highlights


Assistant to the Bishop

As Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Coles has worked under the leadership of and has been mentored by three bishops - Bishop Goodpaster, Bishop Leeland, and Bishop Carter

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SEJ Representative to the Connectional Table

Through the Denominational Connectional Table, Amy has had the opportunity to serve through:

  • Agency Evaluation

  • Leadership Discernment and Community Life

  • Representative to the Economic Advisory Committee with GCF&A

  • Budget Allocations Taskforce

Leading WNC Conference Staff

Rev. Coles participated in the Transistion Team that lead the Western NC Conference through a major restructuring in 2011-2012, when the Conference shifted from 15 districts to 8 districts.

As Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Coles has continued to lead Conference staff and clergypersons through challenges such as the
COVID-19 pandemic, the litigation between The UMC and the Boy Scouts, and combatting the evils of racism.


Disaster Response

Thanks to the connectional and missional nature of The United Methodist Church, Rev. Coles has had the privilege and opportunity to serve on disaster response teams in the Western NC Conference, as well as through cross-conference mission teams in the North Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi Conferences.

Hear Rev. Coles in her own words on the Means of Grace Podcast


Questions for Episcopal Nominees from the SEJ Committee on Episcopacy

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